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The engineers and technicians at RECENSO GmbH are specialists in industrial plant engineering. We have been dedicating ourselves to the design and implementation of systems for resource recovery since 2004. Founded as a spin-off from a traditional German plant manufacturer, we develop and implement solutions for the growing demand for secondary raw materials. The company is headquartered in Remscheid - a city with a rich industrial history and surrounded by scientists, skilled workers and suppliers. From there we reach the whole world.

Our Group of Companies has several companies offering advanced recycling solutions. We do Systems Engineering as well as plant realization (epc-contracting).

We are convinced that there is a strong need for an efficient closed-loop recycling economy and offer state-of-the-art technical solutions to make it reality. Our portfolio includes machinery and systems for both physical (mechanical) and chemical recycling. We combine proven technologies and processes with cutting-edge plant engineering allowing us to create added value in the processing of materials, which we do not regard as waste, but as a resource.

With our company UMS – Urban Mining Solutions GmbH – we offer machinery and complete mechanical systems/plants for the recovery of raw materials. The company is in direct line with Retek Goslar Recycling GmbH, a spin-off from the German PREUSSAG AG being first in applying ore mining technology to the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Since 1991 numerous fields of application have been added. References around the world prove the successful transfer of the mining philosophy to civilization waste.

At CARBOLIQ GmbH, we bundle our activities in connection with a chemical recycling process. Our plants for direct liquefaction by applying Catalytic Tribochemical Conversion (CTC) technology systems are unique in the world. After long, intensive research and development, we have succeeded in converting contaminated plastic waste (e.g. from household waste or packaging waste) into a liquid resource on an industrial scale, which can be integrated back into existing material cycles. Our focus hereby is on the use of conversion products as raw materials for the chemical industry as well as in the production of advanced environmentally friendly fuels.

We employ specialists from all engineering disciplines: Mechanical, electrical, and process engineering as well as control technology and visualization are designed in-house using our own resources and then implemented in a joint effort with qualified partners. References in 15 countries prove the experience our teams bring to the table in international project management. We invest constantly in our employees' skills and R&D activities.

As a highly innovative medium-sized engineering company, we are constantly looking for qualified people to join design, assembly and project management teams. Graduates in all technical disciplines as well as experienced specialists in metal and electrical engineering professions are invited to apply.

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